Baby steps is what it takes with everything in life. With your weight loss, your muscle gains and your habit changes. Little and often will have you reach your goals. Keep laser focused on where you want to be. See the end goal and with blinkers on keep pushing for it, until you meet it. I can’t teach this enough to my clients, mind set is everything – without the visualisation (the minds vehicle) you will be going nowhere fast.

My new AC Beach Body app is in development this year. I have so much content to share with you! I’ve so much knowledge to give you and teach you. I’m putting my everything into this so you have a platform to come to that will support you and educate you. This has been my dream for years and I finally had words with myself to stop procrastinating about it and start doing.

I get so nervous being on camera (believe it or not), I do a great job of covering it up! I worry what others will think of me, if they’ll judge me or consider me to be someone they dislike for whatever reason, but as I have grown older I have started to care less more and more of what people think of me. I am not shy in front of my family anymore and I don’t care if they watch my videos. I am sure they are proud even if I want to cringe.


Before a shoot I don’t sleep at all, I stress about delivering the information to you all in the right way, hoping I won’t miss anything important out. I am just human and I am sure with everything I do there is going to be room for improvement, and if there wasn’t then how can I keep delivering amazing content? So I don’t worry anymore, I just make sure I stand there and do my best for you all. Same with your training, there’s always room for improvement, just stand there do your reps and learn from it.

It takes a lot of time to film the videos which you will be able to access via the app after June. I’m so excited to be able to reach more of you than I currently can teaching 1-2-1. AC is going to be a lot more accessible and affordable for everyone and I really cannot wait to share all of this with you. My current platform on Facebook at AC Beach Body Fitness is just the surface of how the app will look and feel. Literally just one element of the whole thing.

The other elements are what we are filming right now, the modules on training and nutrition education, the deeper tuition on the importance of training and how to set a goal and make it measurable. The modules on mind set and the psychological aspects of training, the deeper stuff that gets into you as the client and how we best set you up to reach your goals.

So my baby steps are coming on quite nicely. I think we must have got through a good 20 videos today in 4 hours. I’m sick of my own voice and I’m sure Bradley is too 🤣. I’m transitioning from an online personal trainer into a PT in your pocket with the added access of my social wall, click of a button tutorials to answer all of your questions and the extended 1-1 training for those of you who still want more of me.

I have a vision. I get scared about it and still do everyday, I broke down the baby steps on paper and set a time line to complete all of my actions. Every day I work a little bit towards all of the things I need to do like researching, documenting, scheduling and planning all of the content for these tutorials which I am going to share with you. Every time I take a new step I am scared. With Bradley today I told him my fears – he was patient, we laughed a lot and we gradually built up momentum as the morning progressed.

This is the same for you with your training, nothings any different, you may be scared too! But if you lived a life without challenge what a dull life it would be. My April 1-2-1 coaching is open right now, so before the app is available I still have my coaching where I teach you all of this just you and I….

Click the links, join the groups and then email me and lets take that first baby step together….



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