So this morning when I got up it seemed that this bloody weather had the ability to affect me both outside the house and inside it too. I was sick of this rain to a whole new level when I saw Alexa still flashing 2am and that there is no wifi in the house. As I stand there waiting for the coffee machine to deliver me a cup of something better than my current mood, Alexa is babbling on about her connection issues and is obvs just as pissed off as I am about it all.

OMG – I can’t tell you how addicted I am to my technology, I can’t cope if I don’t have it, then it dawns on me that I may have massive issues. How would I get by today with no laptop? I then have the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all my Apple products, shit who am I without his stuff? Am I literally a non entity? Fuck – yes, I realised in that moment I am nothing – NOTHING!

I live on Instagram and Facebook as a means to speak with my community, my email is a constant influx of chit chat between myself and clients, and oh crap tomorrow we are filming for AC Beach Body Fitness app and I need to finish my prep. By this point the coffee has set in and has taken a little of my anxiety away, not much!

SKY what are you doing about this? Apparently its a full Southern outage that could take hours to fix. I pace the kitchen not knowing where to start my day. It is like I cannot function without my routine and I need to get in touch with the world or this personal apocalypse is going to internally combust me.

OK Abbie chill the fuck out ok! It’s actually a time to reflect on this and maybe take time to get some stuff done like pack your bag for tomorrows shoot, I tell myself. So I do that instead. As I am arranging my outfits it gets me thinking about habit, need and frustration. Habits are hard to create and hard to break, but if you can overcome this mind over matter inner struggle then you have proved your strength of character.

Wind back a few years after getting stupidly out of shape from being pregnant I remember dragging my weak self into the gym to train, it was harder than walking up a craggy cliff in 4″ heels with a blind fold on. I had to force myself every day to get up and do it. It was tough, I rejected myself in the mirror everyday and I hated the workouts. Yet I pushed on….. So much so that now I have formed a habit. A habit so ingrained that I get just as pissy if I can’t train as I do when I can’t get online.

Now there are good habits and bad habits, personally I feel I am on my phone way too much – but that is the world we live in and this is the business I am in. I am a bloody online personal trainer for goodness sake. So, I am a workaholic, an online addict and a fitness obsessed nutrition junkie who cannot go a day without wanting to exercise because I need the adrenaline fix.

There’s worse thing to be addicted to I guess, so why not join my team, change up a few of your sucky habits for some win win ones instead. Trust me it can’t kill ya, you’ll probably just end up living longer but you’ll be a fit wrinkly old 90 something year old with quads like a badass 😉


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