I’ll admit it, going to the gym for me is like a social event. I love the atmosphere, the vibe and catching up with like-minded people to share training ideas. So it’s not surprising that I put as much effort into my wardrobe and beauty routine as I do my workout. But… that being said, my hair often takes a back seat being tied into an un-interesting half knot or pony. I needed some importation so I went to my favourite local salon Sage Hair and asked them what they could suggest.

Sage Hair are based in Wickham, Hampshire and are built on a reputation for knowing what their customers want from their salon experience and delivering it. Colour is their speciality and their blow drying techniques are all ahead of the game. So why did owner Richard Bartlett invite me into have a blow dry before we arrived for our photoshoot? Quite simply – prep is the key to a good up-do!

Blow drying can be a nightmare at home, especially if you have very long hair or you simply just didn’t possess the knack. I watched closely at how Richard worked on my hair, but here’s what he had to tell me about the perfect blow dry. “ It is important to use good products that suit your hair type for starters, we use Kitoko shampoo and conditioners. My clients are also taking advantage of our Karatin Complex Express blow-out which gives that smooth, polished, more manageable feel to your hair and most importantly eliminates frizz. I make sure I prep the hair depending on how the client wants their look, so for your shoot we are using AFFINAGE root boost, a good tension on the round brush working through small sections of the hair blowdrying from root to tips rolling the lengths into the barrel and adding a shot of cool before letting the section drop”.

I love wearing workout clothes even when I am not training, the fitness industry is booming right now and so is the apparel to go with it. But, you don’t always want to look like you have just been through your fitness routine when you wear your leggings and sweater out of the house, so use Richards inspiration to “go large” and start your day with a bouncy blowout to take you through to evening when you hit the gym. Never be afraid to “poof” your hair up with a blow dry. “Even if you intend on putting it up – it will always go up better when it has been blow dried bouncy”. says Richard.

At Sage Hair it is quite clear the team are ready to bend over backward to please, so never feel like you are asking too much! And trust me, I am always asking for something, but I am pretty sure they didn’t mind me asking them to demonstrate some of the looks I had found on-line but had no clue how to create for myself…. Blow dry complete – full of that signature ‘Sage Bounce’ they set to work on some fitness inspired styles to take me from “Mum Bun” to “Edgy Fitness Bae”, sorry that word Bae just has me in stitches, where do they come from? – had to use it though! [still giggling to myself].


I have seen this look a lot on Pintrest and I love it so much. It looks really fiddly but I need to have this! This dramatic ponytail is just what my workout is lacking. A braid down the middle and the rest in a messy ponytail. Even though you may be sweaty, this hairstyle says otherwise.

Start by applying a texturising sea salt spray throughout your ends to create texture and give your strands some extra grip. From there, tease the crown (the top) section of your hair for added height. Next, take a two-inch section of hair and begin braiding from your hairline to the ends. Secure the braid with a small elastic. Lastly, gather everything into a ponytail and secure with another elastic. This ponytail not only looks great but helps to keep all of your hair out of your face so you can really focus on your workout. Voila – a perfect braided ponytail.


Messy buns are one of those hairstyles that are great for any occasion. Women love them when their hair is dirty and they just don’t feel like washing it, but it’s also one of the most well-loved hairstyles for brides on their wedding day. So if its good enough for the isle its good enough for the gym right!

This messy bun couldn’t be simpler to do and looks great on every single hair type. Start by adding texture to your strands with a light sea salt spray and creating a low bun at the nape of your neck or up high on your head. To give the look some adding flair, gently pull the hair at your roots up slightly for some extra lift and volume. Make sure you keep them high on your head for the gym, because any exercises that require you to lay flat will mean your head is slightly elevated as it sandwiches the bun between you and the floor!

Perfect for Callisthenics training (exercises without equipment or apparatus). Secure the hair back and off your face with sporty double braids. Part hair into two even sections down the centre of your head. Clip one side out of the way whilst you French braid the other. Leave two – three inches unbraided and secure with an elastic band . Remove the clip from the other side and repeat. This may take some time to get used to, but once you have worked it out you will find that the messier it looks the better. It is a perfect look for the beach or night out too. Give it a try.
Great for fitness classes like bootcamp or cycling to keep hair off your back and face. Braid sections of the hair or French plait and wrap ends back in on themselves to created a rough twisted up style bun and secure with pins. Richard left a section free at the top to create a dramatic quiff. Great if you want something extra for drinks after the gym, just add a pair of oversized hoops, black eyeliner and you’re “Rock Chic” ready!

Pictures of me taken by Bradley Dixon @cheweymedia | My hair by Richard Bartlett of |My gym clothing by Charli Cohen @charlicohen