Facebook really pisses me off…

Last night I had a rant on Facebook over the recent Trump/Disinfectant debacle, by christ why did I ever think it was a good idea to bother…

Yes everything in life can be debated (at length) it seems. Even I took the time to put my two eggs in and then like an avalanche of opinionated lemmings the comments came. Argue it as much as you like, the man never said GO INJECT YOURSELF WITH DISINFECTANT did he? If you say I am wrong then you’re obvs not listening to the clip right and getting your info from the media that say he did! D#$#s…

He never said it, but he used a word that has got everyone going nuts. DISINFECTANT…. Why on Earth would the man tell people to inject themselves with it? He wouldn’t and he didn’t. Granted he chose his words wrong, but the bored of this world grabbed it with both hands and went and played out a twisted story based on a word that was definitely not the right to be used to describe how a treatment could work to cleanse, eradicate, inactivate or destroy the virus.


Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents designed to inactivate or destroy microorganisms on inert surfaces.

Again, granted the word used wasn’t a sensible word based on the fact that 1: There are people in this world that literally take things literally. No matter who they hear it from! And 2: Trump is scrutinised publicly every day for most words that come out of his mouth so he should really prep whats he’s going to say before he speaks.

Yet disinfect holds a meaning which does in fact describe what a treatment would do to a person who had, or could have the Coronavirus.

Lets say Obama said it. It probably would have never been picked up and we’d be focusing our sad Facebook conversations on other crap that’s more important instead. So I learn my lesson, speak on Facebook very little, keep your opinions to yourself and realise that it makes no odds what you think about anything that goes on in this world, as someone else will challenge you on it until the DEATH!!! OMG, woke up to more comments. Posting this is only adding fuel to the fire, but I always get the last say. It’s my blog!!

Sorry I am letting off on here. I am not camp TRUMP or anyone really, it just gets to me how people react to this stuff in such a focused way, looking into words and the way they are used, micro analysing the repercussions. So many! Bet he wishes he never said the word, made the news though and sold some headlines, so money in the bank! Oh and more haters… Class!

Let’s say he told you you’re fat and the only way to stop being fat was to NEVER eat again. You’re not going to see people out there dying of starvation because Trump told them not to eat EVER AGAIN! Sorry, you’re just not. But if his disinfectant showdown is anything to go by then the masses will soon likely starve to death should he have given them some fatness advice!

You get me?

Feel free to delete, block, unfriend, hate or whatever you like. I’ve learnt something, Facebook for me will be very simple, none of my opinion, and pretty much non interactive from now on. I am drained right now of the daily fight for “being right” going on. I am just as to blame, so I am done with getting involved.

Luckily the people I give advice to greatly benefit from it. So far no bad press and only great client results. Fortunately I am not promoting starvation, injecting of foreign liquids, weird diet habits, unrealistic promises or misleading ideas on getting the body you want.

Still with me?

Great. Although you’ve endured a huge dose of “opinion dump” I promise my opinions from here on will only be fitness focused as I continue my plight to help the people of this world to find peace and happiness with their bodies in the safest possible way.


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