We’re all just big kids, we never really grew up aside getting bigger!  We throw our toys when we cannot get our own way, even if we keep those emotions to our selves and if something is taken away from us we want it more than we did in the first place.

So, right now were faced with an offer. Stay in the house and only leave it for the necessary and 1 hour of exercise per day. I bet most of you didn’t even indulge in an hour a day before all of this, but I bet you are grabbing that hour with both hands right now because your flexibility has been taken from you and you’re left with this one measly hour in which to play.

Take a look out there, see the runners passing as you drive to the store, they’re all taking advantage of that time frame our government has given us. They look forward to it as now this is the only option. People are jumping around in their living room desperate to follow the next household in a bid to remain active. We are living in a new trend – a new era of fitness on the most simplistic level.

But, why did it never have to be this simple? We’re human, we love a challenge, we like to complicate things and we like to push the boundaries. How exhausting, wouldn’t you agree? Simple food, simple training and done daily is the key to all of this. No nonsense diets, no keto, no weird exercises….. Be normal! Finally that is acceptable.

Fast forward to when this is all over and the luxury of spending time as you wish is returned to you. How many of you will still be pushing for that special hour a day. More than I’d expect I hope. Let this shake up and its subsequent new routines become embedded into our lifestyles.

It is a great time for me right now seeing the masses want to train. I am inundated, finally my following is waking up, you are alive! Welcome to my world, I am as always here to inspire, educate and motivate you to reach a better version of yourselves. If you want to come join the rest of the team click the links below…



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