As you are more than aware by now of who I am and what I do, you will also know that I love to write to you every night. I like to reach out and make sure you are still there and give you something to brighten up your day. I am consistently there and you expect me to show up, and like a good friend I always do. It is one of my habits and I can’t help but to want to help.

Every day I sit here at my laptop thinking about you and how I can use my life story to give you some motivation and make you smile. I am honest and true and everything I send you is from the heart. So today I will be as honest as ever – I HAVEN’T THE FOGGIEST WHAT TO WRITE TO YOU ABOUT RIGHT HOW! There I said it, I have nothing, zilch and no inspiration. I feel tired, a little drained and desperate for a vacation (it’s coming). And just like that there it is, I have found my inspiration, so here goes 😉

Quick wasn’t it! Sometimes we procrastinate too much, we over think things and we spend hours if not days and week trying to figure stuff out. I say take a leap of faith, whatever it is you want to do just stop thinking about it and just bloody do it! So, 3 minutes ago I did just that, and then I came up with todays amazing fitness motivation tip for you…. Getting it already?

Yeah, you’re on to me aren’t you! High five, the moral of todays story is stop over thinking it and as NIKE said – JUST DO IT! I think that sums up this story brilliantly. I can tell you now that I am an over thinker that’s why I couldn’t do a bungee jump, I’d stand there for hours just weighing it all up only to bail at the last. I use to be like that with my fitness, I’d come up with all the excuses under the sun and by the time I had run through them all I was exhausted and never trained.

Now I don’t even worry about what I am going to train, I just pull my gear on with blinkers and before I know it i am stood in the gym surrounded by loads of opportunities to exercise and guess what? Thats exactly what happens. Take it from me, writers block doest last forever and neither do your excuses, because one day you will look down and you will have run out, staring back at you will be a floppy belly and a a whole heap of regret.

So, to end this very brief yet powerful story I am going to suggest you take a leap of faith with me, drop me an email at and give me your phone number and time you want me to call. I will spend 20 minutes picking your brain and from that I will have worked you out quicker than you can click that button in blue below.

Yep your turn to click now 😉



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