Bringing it home England…

We all for once in our lives have something in common, something that eradicates our normal everyday divides, We are becoming stronger in the face of the unknown, more than we realise and the things we are beginning to accomplish as a result of this “togetherness” are already multiplying.

From becoming more imaginative, more connected, more thoughtful and more determined, these qualities that are arising within us all are priceless, and I for one think this shake up has given us back that camaraderie that we had all lost in one another. I feel proud to be human!

I went to the shops today and compared to a few days back, the vibe had changed. There was a feeling of unity as opposed to a feeling of separateness. The energy was different, the shoppers were slow, relaxed and un-panicky. We are facing our demons.

Joe Wicks right now is jumping on the “lets get fit at home” angle using our kids as his target, it is an ingenious way to raise his profile all the while giving back to us a sense of daily routine that unfortunately the children are about to lose. So well done him – his morning PE lesson on You Tube will no doubt be a great hit.

I am already seeing facebook videos of people exercising together, using their spare time to get moving because we all realise that sitting on our bottoms procrastinating over the issues we have no control over is just boring and it’s a fun sponge. Raising your endorphins is the best way to feel better, so jumping around in your living room isn’t as stupid as you’d think.

If I had a following as large as Joe I would do the same, he can impact the masses greatly in a time when all we need is to be shown some light, love and laughter. I cannot wait to see more of you coming together and getting your fitness routines on track, even if it does mean body weight exercises and knee ups!

In darkness there will always be light, you just have to find it. This week my email has been bursting with people enquiring on getting their fitness and nutrition in order seeing as they have the time to focus on the things they’ve neglected for far too long. I feel so happy to be helping you all, especially at a time like this.

One client freaked out because her Amazon order wouldn’t be here in time for her to start her training with me this Monday. It really doesn’t matter, if you can get the stuff you do in the kitchen right thats 80% of the work done right there. Because if you are figuring out where you want your sat nav to take you yet you put no fuel in the car the trip is pointless. Ya get it??

Would you like my free at home workout? Drop me an email and I will email you right back! Twiddling my thumbs over here in between coaching – so keep me active guys I am here to help you… 

PS: Sorry I know I promised a story about butt cleavage, but I couldn’t face it 😉 hahaha. I am still scared from my gym experience last week….



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