This morning I took my little girl to her fourth ice skating lesson, she is only three years old so it is really surprising to see how quickly these little ones can learn. They have no fear which is something that helps and my girl absolutely loves it, she can’t wait to get on the ice and go! There’s a small class of about 6 kids lead by a skate instructor and they take them through the basic drills like jumping, squatting down and waving while moving along, they only get 30 minutes but although it goes quickly what they learn in a short time is quite a lot. 

Before she went on we collected her skates from the kiosk, they only had ice hockey style plastic skates which actually looked quite nice. All the old figure skating lace up ones had been taken up. She so got her little toes into them and got out there ready for her session. As I watched her I could see something wasn’t right, she was unable to hold her balance, kept falling down and eventually broke in tears frustrated with herself that she wasn’t getting anywhere. 

The teacher came over with her and told me she needed the figure skating ice skates with the tip. I rushed back to the kiosk with her swapped out the plastic for the leather boot, but they only had a bigger size so we had to make do. Once back on the ice the teacher took her from me and within seconds she was off. It was like these boots had improved her skating in seconds. 

It made me think about buying her a set of skates of her own as it seemed stupid to be paying for lessons wearing boots that are not supporting her ability to learn. So like a kid living out my dreams I skipped into the skate shop after the lesson and bought her a beautiful white pair of figure skates. I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or her 😉

All this got me thinking about you lot! It got me thinking about the amount of people out there struggling with their fitness and nutrition just because they haven’t got the right tools for the job, and how if only they did their progress would be so much quicker, sustainable and enjoyable. Now it may not be that you need equipment as you might be a member at a gym – but you may be lacking in knowledge and understanding on how to use it.

Or you may only be able to train at home but you have very little equipment and don’t have a clue what you should be buying. Just like the skate instructor who helped me understand what my little girl needed and why, I help lots of men and women educate themselves in understanding the types of equipment needed to train their bodies and how they can be used. Then there’s the food, teaching you about the food groups, why they are important and the effects each have on the body while working towards your goals, then showing you how to put together a balanced nutrition plan based on your body and goal needs.

Understanding is key to achieving anything in this life, or why would we all be sending our kids to schools and clubs? Because we want them to learn and we don’t necessarily have the time or skills to teach them ourselves. Life is a never ending opportunity to learn, so make the most of those around you who can help give you the leg up you need to reach those goals, tick those boxes and allow you to succeed at more in this life than you would have been able to do without them.

It’s time to give me a try. Aprils 1-2-1 coaching registration is still open and there is time for you to sign up and start getting better equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for you to live a much healthier happier life.

So stop thinking about it and just do it!

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