5 Common Workout Excuses Keeping You Out of the Gym—and How to Beat Them

The, “How do I get started?” Bikini Girl.

The toughest part about committing to—and sticking with—an exercise program is getting your mind to go along with it. Learn how to jump over five mental hurdles and confront common excuses that could derail your best intentions. Nobody ever said adopting a regular exercise program or consistently working out would be easy. The biggest obstacle most people face? Fitness is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical, and thats totally 100% the case. Which is why having the right backing on your journey is your key to success!Whether you’re a world-class athlete, a workout newbie, or somewhere in between, your mind—and the excuses it comes up with—is often your biggest enemy. Below are five common mind blocks or excuses not to work out that could be holding you back, and my tips for overcoming them so you can make fitness part of your regular routine.


Excuse #1: I’m too tired to exercise.

Solution: If you’re truly feeling under the weather, then it’s probably best to skip exercise. But if this fatigue is a daily feeling, know that it’s probably from a lack of exercise. When you sit too much or don’t move enough during the day, there’s not much oxygen being distributed through your body, which can make you lethargic. If you tell yourself to try 10 minutes and after that just push for five more that would be a great start. Soon you will start to feel a lot better and gradually you will want to add in more and more.
As soon as you get moving, endorphins begin to kick in and you feel more energized. Do this repeatedly, and you’ll increase your overall energy. Until you get to that point, though, schedule exercise for when you naturally have the most energy. For some people, that may mean trying a morning workout before the day wears them out, while others might feel more energetic later in the day. No matter when the exercise happens, remember that a small amount of activity is better than nothing, so commit to doing at least ten minutes or moving through a few stretching exercises. Chances are, you’ll feel so good that you’ll keep going.

Excuse #2: I don’t have time to exercise.

Solution: Lack of time was the number one reason a whopping 42 percent of participants in a recent Freeletics survey cited for not working out. It might seem tough to squeeze exercise in, but people often only have a perceived lack of time, as the same survey found that the average American has 89 minutes of free time a day. Plus the survey they completed too a good 30 minutes 😂 I rest my case.
Fortunately, you don’t need to spend much time exercising—even a few minutes at a time spread throughout the day or a little exercise at home will work—but you do need to create time for it. Schedule it into your day planner just as you would a doctor’s appointment or a haircut and then build more activity into your day by taking the stairs versus the elevator, holding walking meetings, or pacing as you talk on the phone.
Bottom line? Ask yourself if your health is really a priority. People always find time for the things that are the most important.

Excuse #3: I’m not an athlete—how can I possibly exercise?

Solution: No doubt you’re great at walking, which means you can move, and that’s all that’s required. You don’t need to be an athlete to exercise. Find activities you love doing, do them at an intensity that feels comfortable, and progress at your own level. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others as you get into this exercise mindset. Everybody has to start somewhere, and small steps add up to bigger results.

Excuse #4: Exercise is so boring.

Solution: Find new ways to move. When you feel boredom setting in, it’s time to change things up physically and mentally. From walking groups and dance classes to exercising with a dog (even if that means volunteering as a dog walker at a shelter), there are so many fun ways to get fit that it’s worth experimenting to find ways that interest you.
Start by finding three new fitness-related activities in your area or think about activities you used to love as a kid. Schedule them into your calendar and then give them a try with an open mind. Note if there was one activity you really enjoyed and find ways to do it more often.
Consider, too, what environments stimulate you and make you feel excited. For some people, doing something outdoors, even if it’s solo, keeps them stimulated while others are more motivated by indoor exercise classes. Love listening to music? You might consider adding music to your workouts or choosing fitness classes where music is a focus, as studies show that music can motivate you to move and even exercise longer in some cases.

Excuse #5: Exercise feels like such a chore that I have no desire to do it.

Solution: If you think you need to over-exert yourself in the gym just to lose weight or get healthier, no wonder you feel like exercise is a chore.
I hear this a lot, mainly because clients link exercise with punishment. Yet rather than thinking about exercise as a negative, shift your mindset and focus on the things that exercise will help you do. For instance, if you put a little time into the gym, you might be able to play your favorite sport without feeling so much pain or have the stamina to go hiking with your kids. Once you find that a few hours exercising translates to better performance in things you love to do, you’ll probably quit complaining, as most of my clients have done. Even better, realize that exercise is a get-to-do versus a got-to-do. Look at your life and think how different it would be if you couldn’t use your body. Movement is a gift we give ourselves, not punishment.
Always be grateful for the body you have got and all it can do. Never underestimate the power of the mind or the capability of your body. Sometime everyone needs a little push in the right direction, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that or asking for help. Sometime you just need a little guidance and reassurance until you find your way and then you will feel that you are finally on the right path and able to go it alone. For more information on how I can help you please drop me an email at info@abbiecurtis.com or visit www.abbiecurtis.com where you can eat up on some more of my motivational blogs and select a plan that suits you. I always recommend having a discussion with me before you make your final decision though.