3 Strength Training Myths You Need To Stop Believing.

I get asked a lot of questions about using weights and strength training and so I wanted to focus this week’s newsletter on why strength training is so important.

The truth is that strength training has LOTS of benefits;

  • It builds lean muscle
  • It strengthens muscles, bones and connective tissue
  • It keeps your body strong and injury-free
  • It raises your metabolism

Now we understand how great strength training is, let’s bust a few myths….

Myth 1: It will turn you into a hulk

I want to set the record straight on this. The vast majority of women are physically unable to build muscle to the degree where they would be considered bulky. Why?

It’s a simple function of oestrogen and lack of testosterone. When women strength train they’ll build a firm, toned physique.

Myth 2: It doesn’t burn fat

Nope! The complete opposite is true. Muscle mass is your best friend when it comes to burning fat. A pound of muscle burns 10-20 calories each day, while you’re just living and breathing.

In fact, regular strength training helps you increase your muscle mass as well as preserve existing muscle mass, turning you into a fat burning machine.

Myth 3: It’s all about muscle

Guess what! Strength training will also help protect your brain.

Yes, you read that right. Studies have shown that just 10 weeks of progressive strength training can reduce anxiety, fatigue, and depression and boost a sense of tranquility and revitalisation in older adults.

There’s a lot to be said for depression and suicide – coming from a family that has experienced it first hand. I don’t believe in drugs to cure the problem when all you’re doing is giving the individual the tools in which to do the job that leaves the people close to them heart broken for the rest of their lives.

Exercise is the cure and it should be regarded as such!





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